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The Bnai Israel Matzoh Fund helps those in Israel with food and supplies for Pesach. Help us Help for Pesach 2016.

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Former MK: Michal ben Ari

Seeing their happiness encourages me to take time from my many duties to personally assist in this important task....

Rabbi E. Waldman

Please accept my sincerest thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of so many needy families in Israel....

President: Alan Hirsch

Every penny that you give is spent on the purchase and distribution of their Pesach needs, with no other overhead what-so-ever.

In Memory of Jerry Pasternak

This year our campaign is dedicated to the memory of Jerry Pasternak A long time partner who was a driving force in the matzoh fund for over 10 years who passed away last year.

Last year we succeeded in distributing over 9,500 lbs. of Shmurah Matzoh, 8,000 Bottles of Grape Juice, 1,000 Bottles of Wine, 6 Tons of Chicken, 4 Tons of Meat, 5 Tons of Vegetables, $100,000 in Checks to over 1600 of the most needy families in the most way out places in Israel. Help us distribute more this year.. NEW THIS YEAR - WE WILL BE DISTRIBUTING... Olive oil and Grape Juice manufactured in the Shomron in orader to help those being hurt by the EU Boycott.