Letter from Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

Dear Friends of the Bnei Israel Matzoh Fund,

As these words are being written, dark clouds hover over us and not just in the sense of autumn and rain. Here in Israel and especially in Yehudah and Shomron, there has been a spiraling out of control security threat situation as thousands of people who are trying to live in peace – have none. As daily events of murder and terror affect the lives of the people here, coupled with the BDS and sanctions imposed by the European Union affecting parnasa, the freeze implemented by the U.S. government affecting natural growth and the need to build but no permission to do so and even the Jekyl and Hyde attitude the government in Israel has to the communities in Yehudah and Shomron sometimes. All of the above mentioned things are examples of the harsh Judgement experienced by the wonderful people of this area of Israel that are literally holding down the Land, Eretz Avoteynu – for us.

Bolstering and encouraging is what these people need. I cannot think of a greater Chesed project than the Kimcha depescha Fund that Alan Hirsh bemiseeroot nefesh has been doing for many years now. Faithfully being able to supply thousands of bottles of tasty grape juice, wine, delicious high quality chicken and meat by the tons, sweets and even extra vegetables – plus bonus checks for families that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars to even supplement more for their Pesach is one of the most encouraging things I have ever been involved with. I know that Alan even BORROWS this money in order to see that even the most remote hilltop gets stocked with goodies and the goodness your donation provides.

With the utmost plea for help- this project should have top priority in the list of things to do for Am Yisrael at such a time and in the merit of this mitzvah may Hashem be mizakeh you legeulah shelayma!

BeBirkat Hatorah ViHaaretz,

Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith


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