To our dear friend Alan Hirsch and participants in the Matzoh Fund who help the residents of Yehuda & Shomron every year


Last year I was privileged to participate in the distribution of Kimcha D’Pischa to the pioneers of Yehuda & Shomron and to the evacuees from Gush Katif.

To see those wonderful Jews receiving packages with their needs for Pesach, in addition to coupons worth hundreds of shekalim which enabled them to buy things at a nearby grocery.

To see families blessed with many children who are in economic distress, families who are persecuted by the government, families who devote their lives to the building of Yehuda & Shomron, families who learn Torah – all of whom receive your assistance – return home with smiling faces.

Seeing their happiness encourages me to take time from my many duties to personally assist in this important task, and to take parcels to the homes of the elderly who cannot come to the distribution centers.

Especially moving to me, is that you do not discriminate and that the distribution goes to all kinds of people: chareidim, religious zionists, new immigrants and hilltop dwellers.

To see all the Matzahs, Wine & Grape Juice you give, shows you want to be connected to Eretz Yisroel. From here we can now say Am Yisroel Chai

I call upon everyone who can do so, to assist Alan Hirsch and his friends in the Matzoh Fund, who work wholeheartedly day and night, to gather their resources so that this coming Pesach those in Yehuda & Shomron will not lack anything.

With love of Israel

Member of Knesset

Dr. Michael Ben Ari