Dear Friends,

This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Terumah, opens up with the Mitzvah of giving towards the building of the Mishkan. In the second verse opening the parshah it says “… that they bring Me a contribution.” Rashi explains “Me” as – “to My name”. Rashi hints to a difficulty by using the word “Me“. Explaining it in the simple way is problematic, since Hashem obviously does not need a gift?  The entire world belongs to Hashem and of course lacks nothing? Therefore, the proper way to understand the pasuk is that giving to Hashem means honoring Hashem! When Am Yisrael gets together and contributes to a national project like building the Mishkan we are bringing honor and glory to Hashem’s name.

With the month of Adar Alef underway, the Bnai Israel Matzo Fund has begun its drive on behalf of over fifteen hundred families throughout Judea and Samaria with the goal of providing them with generous Pesach packages that will bring bounty to their seder tables and enable them to enjoy a beautiful holiday.  This year is all the more essential in that many of these families are struggling not only with the regular challenges of life, but as you all know Israel is at war. Many of the very families that will receive your assistance this year have family members on the front lines in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and on the Lebanese border. In some situations, father and son are fighting side by side.  We must continue to support this great Mitvah project. Every home that we are able to help can be seen as building a Mishkan and honoring Hashem.

I want to thank you all for your kind support of the matzo fund year after year. As and active member of the community of Itamar for many years, I cannot express in words the tremendous impact your Chesed has on the families receiving this vital help. I can share with you that some of the families that you will be supporting are right now contending with family members that were seriously injured in battle.

I have personally known Alan Hirsch for many, many years. When it comes to doing Chesed Alan never tires. He is a source of inspiration to all. No family in need will go unnoticed, even on the most remote hilltop, they will again be helped because Alan and YOU care for every Jew. May Hashem bless all of those participating in this endeavor – Amen!

Blessings from Itamar Israel

Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith