Dear Alan and donors to the Bnai Israel Matzoh Fund,

I am writing to express my profound appreciation for the generous help to my community. You have been a consistent support for us over many, many years. When Pesach comes, the large families in our community who

struggle to keep their finances balanced know that they can count on you for crucial assistance for the Chag. Pesach celebrates our freedom and is to be celebrated by us with joy and liberation. Indeed, thanks to your

help, everyone in our community can do that!
I invite anyone of your donors to come to witness the joy and tears of thanks that I merit to see every year as I distribute the abundance you contribute. Indeed, we

feel you and those who contribute through you are our brothers, with us here on Israel’s frontier, in the heart of our homeland.
Chag Samaech to you all!

Rabbi Daniel Kohn Community Rabbi Bat Ayin