Shalom from Israel,

We, the families of Yishuv Metzad in Gush Etzion since 1984 with about 150 families today are sitting on the Judian Hills 1,000 m high over looking the Dead Sea. The yishuv started with young families from the diaspora that came to live in israel and did tshuva on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem…and today young israeli fami- lies joind us.
I, Zvi Moshe Triger have been the one that was giving your קמחא דפסחא to the door step of each family for about 20 years.
I want to share with you the worm and loving thank

you’s, that i got from the families thanking for the thought of giving all that is needed for pesach in high .הכשר quality and good
The matza and wine, grape juce and olive oil, meet and chicken, matza meal, and on top…money for what ever is needed.

Thank you again for all your kindness.
משיח will bring עם ישראל of אחדות And may the
And that we’ll be meret of see the buildding of Beis Hamikdash soon.

Zvi Moshe Triger