Director of Itamar

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Pesach Matzo Fund,

There are times in the year that define different attributes; with Chanukah and Gevurah behind us, Tu Bshvat and vitality soon upon us and Pesach just around the corner!

The memory and thought of it is flavored with the Chesed that The Matzoh Fund that Alan Hirsch runs, and brings a wonderful feeling of Shefa and relief to so many families here in Itamar. The Ereyvus and mindfulness of people like you has helped people that may not have had the means to be able to make Seder and Chag.

Generous people like you have been faithfully helping every year for the Matzoh Fund to have the means to buy meat, chicken, wine, grape juice, Matzoh, vegetables and other goodies for the tables of literally thousands of families all over Yehudah and Shomron.

This year the corona virus and its implications have made the situation even more dire. Some cannot even meet the basic needs of the Chag. The Matzoh Fund has been standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Yehudah and Shomron for many years now, attending with them as they face many hardships on a daily basis. Thank you for making their lives happy,

and for making the children happy, because their parents will now be able to

provide for them. You are enabling dignity! You are making them feel like Bnei melachim!

When this chesed reaches their doorstep, they feel empowered by the achdut, giving much koach for the times ahead and Geulah Sheleymah! Thank you so much in the name of our community- Itamar which has known difficult times. I have stood amazed at Alan’s devotion to each and every family as he specifically prepares the food package with great Kavana in

gashmeeyoot and love for Klal Yisrael!

Thank you for your deep love and care tremendously- Chag Kasher VeSameyach!